I started running about 3 months ago because I knew that my lack of activity brought about by lockdowns and laziness had caused my fitness level to be a lot less than it should be. I had started with good intentions before Christmas and bought myself a smart watch to monitor everything.

To be fair to myself, I had started with hiking some months before but a good hike takes several hours and really eats into the day so I was finding it enjoyable but not so practical. I needed to move faster so running seemed to be the answer. The problem was, I have never enjoyed running and found it hard going.

I started with short distances, 2 or 3 kilometers and even allowed myself to slow down to a walk when tired but, little by little, I got better. I managed to run 4km, then 6km, then 8km. 

Yesterday I ran 11km with a faster pace than my previous run of 10km and I hit a maximum PAI score of 75. My legs don't even ache this morning, which is quite a surprise.

So, why am I sharing this?

Well, it is a good analogy for learning and improving anything, including your communication and language skills. It doesn't happen overnight. It takes regular and repeated effort over a period of time - the longer the better if we want to stay in shape, mentally and physically.