What are the three most important things you can do to improve your Business English communication?
1. Prepare
Prepare your call, your meeting, your trip - whatever it is. Whether a five minute call or even a 5 day trip, it will be better if you prepare. Think about the conversations you want to have and what you want to say between ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’.
Do you have the vocabulary that you need? If the answer is ‘No’ then the next question is ‘Do you have a good dictionary?
One of my clients went to Canada recently for a week or two. Before he went we talked about the meetings he would have in order to help him to prepare and we also spoke about what more he needed to think about before going.
Preparation helps to build confidence and that is a good feeling to have.
2. Do it.
Or, as Nike say, 'Just do it!'.
This means that you have to stop worrying and move on to the next step. It may not be perfect but since when was anything or anyone perfect? Accept the challenge and do your best.
You have prepared so it will be better than before.
3. Review
Review your performance immediately after your call, your meeting or each day during your trip. Most people don't and they miss a massive opportunity to improve.