Hobbies and interests - don't just make a list.

Including a final section on hobbies and interests is very common when writing a CV although it is not obligatory. The reason for doing so is to show a little personal information in addition to the professional experience and education sections because companies employ people, not robots, and they want to see what kind of a person you are outside of the work environment. However, simply making a list of activities and interests is not actually very interesting. Try giving a bit more and writing about your achievements here too. For example, if you like running or cycling, write a line about why you like it and how far or fast you go; if you like diving, write a line about your level of experience and what inspires you to visit places. A short, interesting paragraph which tells the reader a bit about you is much better than a list of empty words. Let me know if you need help with your English CV, job applications and interviews.