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  • The day before yesterday I spoke with a client from Germany. She was in England getting ready to go for dinner with British business partners who don't speak German, of
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  • What is the best way and how long does it take? These seem to be two of the most frequently asked questions these days in almost all walks of life
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  • Following last nights decision by the European Union to offer a ‘short delay’ to the United Kingdom in their Brexit process, today seems to be an appropriate day to talk
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  • ‘How are you?’ is a question that has been asked so many times by people who don’t want to know the answer that it has almost lost its usefulness. It
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  • For learners of English as a second language, reading English aloud is not easy because there are no real rules for pronunciation of the various vowel sounds. For example, the
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  • ‘Customer centric’ is a concept that you may have read about. It’s a concept that places the customer at the centre of a company’s strategy by aligning products and services
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  • Learning is a process that involves receiving information again and again, the same information, so that we become familiar with it. When we use that information successfully we develop the
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  • Confidence, or the lack of it, is a huge issue when learning to speak another language. Many people will avoid situations where they would need to speak in a second
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  • It is said that people don’t remember what you say as much as how you make them feel. So what implications does this have for language learning? It means that
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