What do you want to say to sell yourself?

Despite the current crisis, it is encouraging to see that recruitment is still happening. Many people will be hoping for a fresh start in the coming year and, in order to achieve this, a good CV in English is going to be necessary for many applications to international companies. But what goes in a good CV? 

A good CV needs to be adapted for each job application but it is a good idea to have the basic framework prepared. I have seen lots of different styles and designs but I think the basic concept is always the same: what do you want to say in order to present yourself as positively as possible?

When describing yourself in a brief personal statement, I wouldn't recommend saying that you are 'hard working, conscientious, self-motivated' and other such descriptive terms which may be considered a natural prerequisite of the position you are applying for. I think it is better to summarise your experience and achievements and perhaps include some of your personal values.