One of the most interesting topics for potential employers is your previous career experience. Learning about this is a major part of the interview panel’s assessment of your knowledge, skills and suitability for their vacancy. Your CV has obviously aroused interest in order for you to be invited for the interview but now they will want to go into more depth.

For example, you should be prepared to answer questions, in more detail than can be given on your CV, about your roles and responsibilities in the previous positions you have held . You may be asked to explain some of the greatest challenges you faced and how you overcame them. This may be framed as asking you to describe your achievements and how they were made. Your ability to describe how you did things can be an important element which will give them more information about the type of person you are and may indicate such things as your management and leadership style. You may even be asked a direct question about your styles of management and leadership.

These are all topics that you can think about in advance to make sure that you have the right English vocabulary and grammar familiar to you to give good answers.