Meet the new company confidently

A lot is at stake. Now you must be well prepared.

Interviews in international companies are now carried out more and more often in English. As with any professional presentation, preparation and practice are crucial.

Whether a job interview is one of the most stressful events of your life or you confidently handle these situations - the fact of having the conversation in English can hold a lot of pitfalls.

Even if you are accustomed to using English in everyday situations, the interview is one of those events where you want to give your best - and that requires preparation.

You can count on Davies Business English to be exactly the right partner to support you.

With us, you leave no questions unanswered

We will prepare you for the interview: With the necessary self-confidence in your English skills, and the appropriate vocabulary, specifically geared towards your future employer.

We support you in developing your communication skills in English for this crucial situation. Just as we provide support to our customers in the preparation of important meetings:

  • We specifically address the possible communication situations with you.

  • We role-play one-on-one simple, general and more difficult questions.

  • You learn to confidently deal with various different types of recruiters.

What makes us particularly effective?

No ordinary English course can prepare you for this situation. You need personal and professional training which is tailored to your individual needs.

We work together on the interview situation in all its facets. As a friendly recruiter, as a critical counterpart - and above all, as a native speaker of the language of your upcoming interview.

Questions are reviewed and answers are optimised. We train you to talk about your private and professional life in appropriate English, without breaking a sweat.

You will describe your professional achievements with the right words while still showing your authenticity. No textbook can convey this and no normal English course can provide it.

How to reach us

Send us your questions, anytime:

Mobile: +34 671 318 641

Or simply use our contact form.

Companies who have put their trust in us include...


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