Qualify and quantify your experience and your achievements.

I have seen a lot of CVs which only give a very vague and generic description of previous positions held: a job title and a list of basic responsibilities or duties. If your CV is like that then think about how you can add some useful details which increase the quality of the information you are giving and which quantify your responsibilities and achievements.

For example, information about a team leader position should quantify how big the team was and what kind of project/s it worked on. Numbers are useful to potential employers because they indicate the level of experience and responsibility you are accustomed to.

Other things which can be quantified include budgets, sales targets, sales achievements, size of a geographical area of responsibility, numbers of people in departments and companies, numbers of key accounts, etc.

As always, you want to impress potential employers a little and to show them that you are ready to take on this new job.