‘Customer centric’ is a concept that you may have read about. It’s a concept that places the customer at the centre of a company’s strategy by aligning products and services with the needs and desires of the customer - or rather, the most valuable customers. In simple terms, if we can give our best customers what they need and want, then they will stay with us. This doesn’t just mean the products and services though, it relates to every point of contact from the first moment they find out about the company, all the way through the buying journey and on to after-sales service.
We’re not talking about all potential customers though. Perhaps not the ones who will always pay late, for example, or the ones who like to complain just for the fun of it. We’re talking about the best customers; the most valuable customers.
This kind of customer is one who values high-quality service and is willing to pay for it. This kind of customer values and enjoys the experience of being a valued customer. The recurring theme here is ‘value’ and it’s a reciprocal arrangement.
So here’s a question: How do you show your most valuable customers that you value them? Of course, it’s not easy if you don’t speak the same language.