Have your team communicating with confidence in English

Each of your team members, working in an international environment must be able

to communicate with confidence in English.

To ensure that your teams function, each team member must, of course, also have confidence in the English skills of the other team members.

Creating these two levels of trust is the purpose of our "English Coaching for Teams".

Personnel qualification through language training for the team

Your company may invest in team development programs to build trust, confidence and efficiency. Openness to the strengths and weaknesses of each team member allows the entire group to work better together to reduce weaknesses and build on strengths.

Extend your staff training through the language training for the team.

If your team is also collaborating with language skills development they will act together more successfully in international business.

What makes us particularly effective?

We at Davies Business English develop the specific language skills in your team which are an essential requirement for your team's success.

Our programs strengthen both the team as a whole as well as the respective members. Likewise, our team Coaching is an incentive program for Team Motivation - an ideal reward for achieving targets.

Good for individuals, good for the team, good for the company and good for business.

How to reach us

Send us your questions, anytime:

Mobile: +34 671 318 641

Or simply use our contact form.

Companies who have put their trust in us include...


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