Confident in your presentation, linguistically convincing

We will prepare you for successful presentations and compelling speeches.

Speaking in public can be unnerving for anyone - but especially so in a foreign language. Therefore, it is a good idea, if not crucial, to have the support of a native speaker by your side, well in advance.

This includes for example:

  • The preparation and processing of your presentation slides with the aim of achieving the best effect from each one - without distracting the audience from the most important thing: namely, listening to you.
  • The creation and editing of your manuscript - because you want to come across as naturally as possible and not just as if you had learned the script by heart. We structure your presentation and make sure that you never miss important points that you want to explain.

With us at your side you can focus on the content - we will face the linguistic aspects together.

Fluent presentations: Confident in public - in English

With Davies Business English you leave nothing to chance.

You owe it to yourself to give your best to each presentation. You are representing not only the company, but also yourself.

Even the best professional speakers plan the content of their presentations precisely and study their performance.

That is why we will also help you in the preparation and the delivery of your speech:

  • Performance: We listen to you, check your pronunciation, pay attention to your body language.

  • Delivery: Working together with you on the perfect timing for the execution of every single aspect of your presentation.

  • Situation Management: And if you should lose the central theme during your presentation? A listener asks a question that you do not immediately understand? How do you spontaneously react, relaxed and friendly in front of a foreign audience? We even prepare you for such situations.

What makes us particularly effective?

Forget general presentation tips or ‘off the shelf’ guides - together we will prepare your own individual personal appearance. As a coach, as a training partner, providing positive and courteous critique.

Even if the preparatory phase and the actual presentation can be stressful: you will enjoy the greatest feeling of success, the warm applause of the audience and the congratulations from your colleagues for a successful presentation.


How to reach us

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