Language training in a group - including coaching

The combination of coaching and immediate language use

There is very specific added value when learning within groups whose participants do not know each other at the start of our coaching. Working with "strangers" develops communication skills, without having to worry about what colleagues or subordinates may think about your English skills. They will, however, be amazed at your progress when you return to work.

In view of these advantages, we have developed the Open Group Coaching: We work in groups with similar issues and objectives, in the areas you need most.

Working together, each individual achieves more

Language development at all levels - everyone can apply their new skills

Our Open Group Coaching is perfect if you want to quickly develop your English skills relevant to real, everyday situations: be it selling and negotiating, giving presentations, participating in or conducting meetings, the establishment of interpersonal relationships (business Smalltalk), courtesy and communication with native and non-native speakers.

We work on all four elements of language use: reading, writing, speaking and listening to increase your vocabulary range, to strongly establish the correct grammar and above all to consolidate your linguistic confidence.

  • With our Personalised Accelerated Learning (PAL) system, we can quickly discover your strengths and weaknesses in order to provide you with the optimal language skills for your specific future uses.

  • In addition, together we establish your goals (and the ways to achieve them), so you can continue to expand your business English skills after our coaching.

For whom is our Open Group Coaching designed?

Our Open Group Coaching is ideal, for example, for decision makers who need to communicate regularly with different people in English - such as internal and external sales, key account managers, marketing managers, project engineers and senior managers.

Group size is limited to a maximum of six people. Our Open Group Coaching also includes documentation, coaching videos and a certificate of attendance.

"After the training, I started more relaxed into the daily conversations, rang up my colleagues pro-actively and contacted one potential customer in the UK. That was challenging but I felt good and so it worked well. Actually, I have no idea how to make the training better, because for me it was the best, I ever had. I also recommend you to some of my colleagues and friends." - Claudia Kalz - Vertrieb/Sales, Tata Steel Plating / Hille & Müller GmbH, Service Center Wallau, Germany

“You have never had an English training like this before.” - i.V. Christian Gabler - Leiter Zentraleinkauf Purchase Manager. CARAT Systementwicklungs- und Marketing GmbH & Co. KG

Dates and Contact

Open Group coaching takes place in Palma (Mallorca, Spain) and in various other venues. If you require an Open Group Coaching in your area, we look forward to your suggestions. Here are the next dates:

Für Ihre Fragen sind wir während (und auch gern ausserhalb!) der üblichen Bürozeiten erreichbar.

Telefon: +34 671 318641

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