Have confidence in your English!

Many decision makers learned English at school or university and then no longer needed it for many years afterwards. Others learned other languages and had to study English later during their careers. Now many of these seasoned business-people find themselves in a position where many younger colleagues speak better English.

This can be an uncomfortable and inhibiting situation, and can be harmful to the company image too. As a decision maker you need to feel confident in your role and you need the ability to communicate at all levels, including international communication, with confidence. This means that confidence in your English is now, professionally, more important than ever.

Can English be improved whilst business continues?

Yes. This works well. The answer is as clear as it is simple: Using the same method by which an athlete's performance is improved - through coaching.

Coaching focuses on individual strengths and weaknesses, to work intensively on them. So we get quick results in the areas where they are most needed.

With Davies Business English you will turn your attention to those language skills that you need most for your business.

What makes us particularly effective?

Unlike regular English courses, which usually generalise or are based on use for holidays, our Business English Coaching is personalised and precisely geared to your needs.

At Davies Business English, we have already worked successfully with a great number of executives from Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Russia and Italy in the area of personalised Business English Coaching - all of them were then able to effectively communicate with greater confidence at the appropriate English language level.

Good for you, good for the company and good for business.

How to reach us

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