If you want to improve your English then I have one main suggestion for you. You should think about the next conversation that you want to have, the next email you want to send or the next presentation that you want to make in English and work on that first. Don’t make the mistake of delaying the conversation until you feel ready. That will just start a cycle of delaying the preparation and delaying the conversation with the result that you will never feel ready. Think about who you want to talk to and what you want to say. What are the likely or possible responses that you must be ready to hear, understand and respond to? What might your response be? What questions might you be asked and what would be your answers?

The non-specific and over simplistic goal of ‘improving’ is unlikely to get you the results that you need and want. By preparing each conversation each time, however, you will get better every time. These small, incremental and specific improvements will all add up to a general improvement and so you achieve the main goal. So, if you feel you have the need to get better, ask yourself, ‘What’s next?’

Let me know if you need any help.




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