A talent was originally a monetary unit or weight and the word comes from both Latin and Greek. A word used to express value is now used to describe a person and their abilities which also have a value. Something which has value needs to be looked after, cared for and used wisely if the value is to be maintained or developed. This is especially true of people and consequently, talent acquisition, talent management and talent development are all hot topics in business. There is a high demand for talent, especially in countries like Germany where unemployment is low and industry is strong.

So what is talent? The dictionary says:

a special natural ability or aptitude.
a capacity for achievement or success; ability.

These definitions speak more of the potential than the actual skill level, again emphasising the need for care and nurturing. The existing skills and natural abilities may be apparent but it is the possibility to further enhance the value that excites. If the person with the talent shares that excitement then the resulting enthusiasm and ambition can bring powerful results.

Part of the talent management process is to show the talented person what their potential could be and to help them to develop themselves and their motivation and enthusiasm.

Turn the talent into skill:

the ability, coming from one's knowledge, practice, aptitude, etc.
competent excellence in performance; expertness; dexterity.